Quick Facts

Quick facts about Russian International School “GALAXY”:

®    RIS “GALAXY” is situated near St Monique Catholic Church at Makepe, Douala.

®    It is  a Nursery, Primary and Secondary school, which offers an inquiry-based approach to Cameroonian curriculum.

®    We have Anglophone and Francophone Sections.

®    Russian as a foreign language.

®    Class size is limited to 20 students per class.


Our staff:

The administration and teaching staff are well-qualified, experienced national and international educators, which come from Russia, Germany and different parts of Cameroon.

The school has a qualified nurse and 2 school psychologists (Anglophone and Francophone).  


®    Clean and safe environment;

®    Extended stay for Nursery pupils;

®    Range of afterschool activities: football, dance, chess etc.

®    ICT room (1 computer per student);

®    Indoor and outdoor sports ground;

®    Library with books in English, French and Russian;

®    Science Laboratory;

®    TV in each class;

®    2 playgrounds;

®    Recreation Area;

®    Canteen with hot meals;

®    Video surveillance

®    Medical cabinet;

®    School bus.