Every child is a Galaxy, unique and capable of everything.

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The cultural festival 2019

Culture diversity permits to people to know where they come from and respect all other cultures. Culture establishes man firmly in his origins to create an individual equilibrium. Through the cultural festival that took place in Russian international school Galaxy on the 15th November 2019. 

The Peace day 2019

Orientation day in Russian International School «GALAXY» was celebrated on Friday the 18th October 2019 under the theme «ORIENTATION – A PASSPORT TO SUCCESS». The students were excited to learn about the event. The day started with an expose by Mr Leupi and Mr Enongene 

The Peace day 2018

September 21 marks International Day Of Peace. This year, the global community is honoring the universal Declaration of Human Rights established by the United Nations 70 years ago. At Russian International School Galaxy, we try to do our part to live up to this declaration