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After School Activities Schedule

Activity Venue Coach(es) Day(s)
Basketball Main Playground M. Aristide Mon
Cheerleading Gymnasium Class 4 Ms Joan, Ms Tebo Tue
Circus Gymnasium M. Francis Tue
Dance Gymnasium Ms Mya Fri
Junior dance Music room Ms Mya Wed
Football Group A Main Playground M. Parfait Tue, Thu
Football Group B Main Playground M. Parfait Wed, Fri
Home economics Canteen or CP
Mme Melaine, Ms Kathy Fri
ICT ICT room Mr Mandeng Wed
Journalism Class 4 Classroom Mr Ndi. Mme Defo Mon
Piano Music room M. Bruno Thu, Tue
Sciences Science laboratory Ms Margaret Fri
Spelling bee Form 1 classroom Ms Emilienne Tue
Swimming Maloko center Ms Sylvianne Mon
Taekwondo Gymnasium M. Eric Mon, Wed
Ucmas CE1 Classroom Mr Manase Mon, Fri